A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 9 August, Gålobuollda - Biernnaaskåhppe, 16 km

There are no clouds on the sky, only the brightest stars are seen. I have been drinking a lot during the day, that is why I am standing here looking up at the sky. The night is warm, perhaps one should sleep outside the tent? I'm too lazy to bring out the sleeping bag, and return the tent and fall asleep again. A few hours later do we wake to a beautiful morning. My body ache, but not as bad as expected. We walk on dry moors, it is very dry. The sun shine, it feels as if walking in a desert. There is not much of streaming water to fill the water bottles with. The mountains seems far away, as if they were a mirage. In the north do look into the valley Oajevagge. At the ponds Gålokbuollda do we find a minor stream. It looks like a wetland, but now everything is dry. The landscape at the ponds consists of small hills. Just before the slope up to the mountain pass between Oarjep and Nuortap Galbek is larger pond, almost a lake. We take our lunchbreak at the shore

It is impossoble to resist to take a refreshing bath in the shallow and warm water. Is the the warm weather or the age that makes on sleepy, whatever it is do we take a nap. Afterwards do we continue up the stony but not so steep slope to the pass between Oarjep and Nuortap Galbek. In south do the lakes in front of Stibok appear, Stibokjavrre and Galbejavrre. We admire the view, the sun make the brook that flow down the slope to glitter. The water comes from a lake further up. We walk west of the lake, meet much of stone, on the side does of course look less stony. The highest point is after the lake, then we walk on a meadow along another lake. In the north is a marsh, or was today is it dry. A large stone! Large enough to give a shadow to sit in. It is not often one search for a shadow in the mountains. In the west the strange mountain Tjårok, with bare flat rock. Different from what one else see. On the meadows grow Autumn Hawkbit, we have also seen the small but beautiful Rock Speedwell.

We cross the brook which from the lake finds the way down the slope to Biernnaskåhppe. Down in the dead end valley is a brook that like a snake run which away in the green grass. We return to the place where the brook from the lake fall down the slope, and cross it again. We find ourself on a plateau. A cairn and a fireplace show that it has been used before. The view towards north is magnificient. We look at rocky landscape and the scarface mountain Skajdevarre. There is no indication in change of weather, so we consider it safe to use the plateua as campsite. It is exposed to wind. We have a bath in the brook, afterwards do I sit naked and let the sun dry me. We have dinner on the rocks, with the sound of the brook as background music. We sit and watch the sunset, and the shadows becomes longer and longer. My friends hand is swollen, something has biten him.

On Gålokbuollda

View towards Stibok

The brookarea