A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 29 July, Home - Ritsem, - km

As often is the case when I have to go up early is it difficult to fall asleep. I ask my cat to sleep at my knees, which is the best sleeping pill I know of. When I wake up at five in the morning is she still asleep at my knees. Halv past five am I ready to leave, and I say good bye and take care to the cat. It is a nice morning, but after Staffanstorp is it a dense fog, which disappear before I reach Sturup airport. This is strange since Sturup is well known for fog. My friend appear in time. The flight to Gällivare, with a stop and change of plane at Arlanda, is without problems. When we have landed at Lapland airport is the air hostess curious about our plans and she wish us a good time. As usual do one have to take a taxi to Gällivare, this year does it cost 140SEK. The tourist information has moved to the taxi station, and where one can leave the luggage. As our tradition require do we have lunch at the china restaurant. This year they ask for payment before one get the food, do the guests runaway nowadays? Next stop is Öströms färg, where we buy fuel for our kitchen. Last year we could buy methanol, but the rules has changed. At least 5 litres and you have tell your address. We have no use of five litre of methanol, we have to buy the old style T-röd. On the way back to the railway station do we make a visit in the old and nice church, which is located at the Vassara river. From the church do walk along the river, and cross the rails on the footbridge at the station. An oretrain struggle to gain speed, there are many wagons and the engine must work hard. We sit down on a bench in the shadow in front of the railway station. Yesterday evening a friend of us called and said he and his girlfriend should take the bus to Ritsem 15.35 today, and hike at Ahkka. A pure coincidence that we take the same bus. We can now see him waving at us. It is many years since we met, and it is lot's of talking on the bus to Ritsem (the bus cost 192SEK). We say goodbye to them at the boat to Änonjalme. All the other passengers is also taking the boat, we are the only one that continue to the youth hostel, where we have a booked a room (cost 190 SEK per person as members of the tourist federation). In the combined reception and shop do we buy juice and something to eat. There is not much in the shop, freeze-dried foof, tinned food, and some limited amount of milk, juice, and yughurt. I.e. it is not for buying the main part of supplies for a hike. Equipment and books about the mountains can also buy, and of course ice cream.

Gällivare old church