A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day5: 2 August, Riggoajvejĺhkĺ - Vassjajavratja, 8 km

During the night can we hear the sound of raindrops falling on the tent. In the early morning do the rain stop and the sun show up. I wash my shirt in the jåhkk, it will get dry during the day hanging on the rucksack. When I make the soup for lunch do I happen to hit the kitchen, and the instinct is to catch it with my hands. It is hot! Fortunately is there no damage neither on me nor the kitchen and soup. At ten have we put our things together. We follow Rigoajvejåhkkå on the slope down to Tarraluoppal . Rigoajvejåhkkå has made an impressive canyon on the way to the plain at Tarraluoppal. This is a place where one must sit down for a while, though there is haze do we have a nice view of Tarradalen. Many years ago did Padjelantaleden pass here, perhaps is the track that is barely visible a remnant of it. Further down towards Tarraluoppal grow osier and dwarf birch. At the bridge over Vassjajåhkkå do we meet other hikers. We say hello. It has been a dry summer, and there is not much water in the jåhkk. It should be possible to ford it. A few hundred meters away are the Tarraluoppal cabins. We turn the other direction, and we follow Vassjajåhkkå upstream. It is warm and humid, I feel already tired. At a few places runs Vassjajåhkkå in a small canyon. It is hilly, though not very much, and we pass places with osier and marshes. It is tiring, and I feel a bit exhausted. It is as if I will boil. To avoid the osier do we walk further up on the slope. The brook from the lake Vassjajavratja is broad and a few decimeter deep. Our aim is to reach the small lakes in the northern part of Njoatsosvagge, but here and now do I feel that this is enough for today. I'm boiling. We search for a camping site at Vassjajavratja. At the lake do we not find any suitable place for us, we search for a good place, so we follow the brook downstream and find a place on a meadow. The brook is at one place deep enough for a bath, and I let the cold water cool down my body. We hear a thunder, dark clouds have appeared from the south and they now cover most of the mountains. We look up towards Vassjabakte, the clouds look threatening. Exactly at four does it reach us, the rain start. To the sound of rain and thunder do we make and eat our dinner in the tent. At eight is the performance over, at the end is it not spectacular at all. A few stray clouds remain in the valley. Now it is normal Sarek weather, cloudy, chilly and it feels good. The mobile has no contact.



At Vassjajavratja