A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 30 July, Ritsem - Viejevagge N, 7 km

We have a long morning waiting for the time to become two in the afternoon, the time when the helicopter is taking is to Staloluokta. We spend the time to pack for hiking, clean the room, and buy ice-cream in the shop. We talk with an same from Vaisaluokta about old times. He has been a mountain guide, bringing tourist to Ahkka. He tell us about a tourist many years ago, that disappeared in a glacier on Ahkka. Many years after he disappeared did parts of him appear. The was buried at Ahkka nearby the lake. When the hydro power station was built was Ritsem a big village with about 4000 inhabitants, and with a post office and a shop. When we were here for the first time in 1981 nothing of this was seen, but there was a building with a restaurant, of course with the view towards Ahkka. This building is gone as well and Ritsem is today a rather boring place, it's existance is based only on being a place for tourists visiting Sarek or walking the trails, .e.g. Padjelanta trail. We walk to the helicopter, it is the third road to the right when coming from the hostel. A sign show the way. It is us, the new host in the Låddejåkkå hut, and two young girls that will walk Staloluokta - Ritsem. There is place for one more, but this place is taken by the equipment of the new host. Some of the equipment is put on top of us. It is fascinating to fly with the helicopter, everything looks small from above though it is not. The helicopter touch the ground at Låddejåkkå, enough to allow the host to get off with all the equipment. At Staloluokta do we go to the "shop" and buy dried reindeer meat for the dinner tonight. We had planned to have fish, but that must one order in advance.

At three do we walk on the bridge, and follow the trail towards Staddojåkkå. As we get higher up is the view of Virihaure as usual unbeteable. In front of us do we have a river and the back side of Sulitelma. There are many flowering flowers. The few hikers we meet are all female, some of which walk alone. Has hiking become popular among women or have we been at the wrong places? A few hundred meters before the bridge across Viejejåhkå is a clear track towards Viejevagge, we could not miss it. Viejevagge is our first stage. The slope up to the valley is covered with low growing osier, as one get further up does it become more luxuriant and dense. The track guide us through it and the marshes that one meet on the way to the valley. At Jållevarre is the brook (Viejejåhkå),  from the valley broad and shallow, it should be easy to cross it here. Here is also a perfect camping site, so we decide to stay here for the night. Slightly further up do the water come from a narrow canyon. The evening end with beautiful sunset behind the mountains on the opposite side of Virihaure. The lake itself is not visible from our camping site. My friend has his mobile phone with him, there is no connection. We will test it every day.

Towards Viejevagge

Looking southeast

View towards Virihaure

Camping site