A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 1 August, Viejevagge S - Riggoajvejĺhkĺ, 14 km

I use the channels of yesterday  as a toilet, I only need to take up a tuft and then put it back afterwards. The river is again quiet and murmuring, but broad. The water is clear and taste fresh. My friend want to have a nice morning, but we might need some time to walk through the mountain pass. The breakfast make him to wake, and at half past ten can leave our camping site. The weather is good, partly overcast and a chilly wind. We have had our camping site at 900 meter, and we will now walk up to the mountain pass between Sivvatjåhkkå and Silbatjåhkk&ar ing;. The slope is gentle, we walk on grassy meadows, and the brooks we meet are shallow. Behind us do we have a good view of Viejevagge. Kierkevare, tha massif on the north side of the valley, do we not see much of. We have not seen much of it at all, the peaks are hidden by the slope. We choose to walk up to the highest point in the mountain pass (1256m), where the landscape is more barren, on the northern side is the ground tightly packed stones. A large snow field makes it easier to walk. In the south do we have the "silver mountain" Silbbatjåhkkå. In the 17th century was there a silver mine. It looks steep, with a glacierlike snow field. Perhaps there is a sign of the mining activity?  

In the valley ahead of us do the brooks, coming from the melting snow fields, build up a delta. We have lunch and admire the view. We have now walked down a bit from highest part of the mountain pass and the vegetation can survive. My friend take a nap, and I look around for flowers. I do not find any. When my friend wake up again, do we walk down towards the delta at the place where it combine into a brook. We turn north when the brook do, we leave it when it turn east, where we continue further to Bingitjåhkkå. It is an easy walk. The brook from the lake Langajavrre is shallow, though with a stony ground, and we can easily pass it. We have a short discussion on where to continue, to the lake Festajavrre or to follow the brook down to the valley of the brook Riggoajvejåhkå? On the map do the latter look steep, but an inspection show that it is feasible to walk down. The slope is grassy and covered with flowers, the view is magnificient. The brook in the valley comes from Festajavrre, and we cross it before it spread into many arms and create a wetland. The brook is five meter wide, shallow with a stony ground. The landscape on the other side is broken, the easiest for us is to walk along the riverbed. We pass minor areas with osier. Around five do I begin to feel tired, and we search for a camping site. We find a place with a swimming pool and a small waterfall. A wall of stones give protection against the wind. In the east can we see the mountain Vassjabakte, our target for the hike. I feel stiff, not good at all. A bath in the pool is refreshing. I sit during the sunset on the stonewall and look out over the surroundings. The mobile phone do not find any to communicate with.


The slope

Looking east at Riggoajvejåhkå