A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 6 August, Staloluokta - Ritsem, 2 km

The morning is as usual full of things that needs to be done in a hut. Make breakfast, heat water for the wash up, fetch new water, wash up, clean up in the kitchen, and visit the toilet. Water is fetched in a simple water pump outside the hut, a tube brings the water from the brook. The toilet is in a separate house. While my friend take a nap, do I make short walk up on Unna-Dijdder. I once new a professional in botany, and he said the hill is botanically rich. The interesting things I see is a hare that rapidly disappear, and the wonderful view of Virihaure and towards Luoppal and Kierkevare. Somewhat disappointed do I return to Stalo. I have been away two hours and my friend who in the meantime has woken up wonder where I have been. We walk to the shop and fetch the smoked fish that we ordered yesterday. The helicopter from Kvikkjokk which will continue to Ritsem is supposed to come 13.25. The helicopter land at the lake, roughly 100m from the hut. We are in good time before 13.25, and wait, and wait. The wind from the lake is cold. We spend the time eating blueberries. At 14.40 can we hear the sound of the helicopter, we can see it as a small point that grow into the shape of an helicopter as it approach. The train to Murjek was late, which caused the bus to Kvikkjokk to be late, and therefore the helicopter is late. It is us and one of the women from yesterday that enter the helicopter. Despite the overcast is the flight interesting. We can see that the level in Akkajaure is very low, there are many small naked islands in the lake. It has been a dry spring and summer, in addition have they emptied it in order to repair the embankment at Suorva. We land after 30 minutes flight at Ritsem, we are back in civilisation. The mobile get contact, but there is also telephone in the reception/shop that one may use. One of the guests has donated remaining supplies in the kitchen, we extend it with what we have left.


From the helicopter