A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 4 August, Vassjajavratja - Unna Duottarjavrre, 13 km

When the day start do we not yet know where it will end. We will start walking north. It is a slight uphill, to start with on a heath, higher up more is it more barren, though still an easy walk. This is the border between the alpine Sarek and the more gentle highland Padjelanta. When we turn around and look back do we see the open broad valley of the brook Vassjajåhkkå. We pass a few small brooks, perhaps the origin of Vassjajåhkkå. After the watershed to the sharp peaks of western Sarvesvagge appear, the base of the mountains are hidden from our view. Now and then do the sun find a way through the clouds. An helicopter comes flying with the load hanging from it. We guess they are repairing the reindeer fence a few kilometers away. When we see the fence do we stop, it is time to decide where to continue, the requirement is that we must be in Staloluokta the day after tomorrow. The alternatives are to continue to Sarvesvagge and then to Stalo, or over Duottartjåro to Padjelantaleden? We have a minor project to walk all of Padjelantaleden in stages, and we miss e.g. Tuottar - Stalo. We choose the latter alternative. The slope up to the lake on Duottartjåro is easy, the view of the peaks in Sarek is fascinating. The valleys are still hidden from our sight. At a small waterfall in the brook from the lake do we eat our lunch. My friend take a nap, and I have a closer look at the Alpine speedwell that are abundant. We follow the brook up to the small lake. The lake is divided into two by a narrow stony foreland. One can walk over if one wants, but a grouse family look suspicious at us and take refuge on the rocks at the crossing place. By consideration to them do we walk around the lake. On the other side is a wet grassy slope down to the lake 1044, from the slope is a sunny view of Padjelanta. The brook from the lake has made a canyon, which we follow downstream until it is possbible to ford the brook. We continue to follow the brook on it's way to the lake Gårråjavratja. It is extremely easy to walk here, we walk in an interesting billowing landscape. At the end do the brook broaden just before it reach the lake. At Gårråjavratja is at a brook a fantastic sample of Yellow saxifrage, it grows all along the brook. We consider the place to be our home for the night, it would not be easy to find a better garden. But it is to early to settle, so we continue towards Padjelantaleden. We pass small lakes (ponds) and rocks with the shape of whales. We reach the trail at some small lakes (close to 939 on the map) and continue on the trail in the direction of Tuottar. At the the lake Unna Duottarjavrre do we search for a camping site. About 200m from the trail is there a perfect beach, nearby do we find our site. The water is not that cold, one can even swim for a few meters. On the other side of the lake has Kierkevare put on the nightcap. So do we. Mobile phone: no connection.

Watershed at Duottartjåro

Njoatsosvagge from Duottartjåro

View southwest from Duottartjåro