A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day10: 7 August, Ritsem - Home, - km

I have to visit the toilet three times during the night. I'm disturbing! I go up at seven, my friend sleep longer, but he wake in time to eat breakfast and pack before the bus to Gällivare leave at 10.30. The night was cloudy and rainy, this I know since I was up several times. In the morning does it get better and the day is sunny. The bus journey is tiring for my tired back. The 20 minute stop in Kebnats is refreshing and entertaining. Two young women play folk music on the boat M/S Langas. There is a folkmusic week in Saltoluokta. The sun is shining and people seems happy. I face that we know show up, big surprise. He is walking Kungsleden. At two are we in Gällivare. The same procedure as usual, book a taxi to the airport, leave the luggage at the tourist office, and eat lunch at the china restaurant. As dessert do we have icecream at the fontain on the town square, where young men play basketball. They are good. Our flight is at 16.45, and for the first time do they want to checkin my hiking stick. A SAAB-2000 fly us without any problems to Arlanda. At Arlanda do we have time to eat pizza before we leave for Sturup. As the pilot bring down the plane to Sturup can we in the sunset see the lakes Ringsjön, Krankesjön and Vombsjön pass by. It looks wonderful. We land as planned at 21.30. The parking cost 510SEK, then it is worth  to take a taxi instead of driving oneself and park the car. I get my car and drive home, there is almost no traffic. The cat is not at home, she has probably more important things to do. In the mirror do I see a caveman, my friend's comment was not that far from the truth. I comfort myself with that I have lost 2kg in weight. After half an hour do the cat show up. Is it you? You smell different! She greet me welcome home, and disappear for more adventures in the summer night.

Fiddlers at Kebnats

The cat