A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 10 August, Home - Gällivare, - km

At six in the morning do the cat wake me up. I have no newspaper this morning, since I have redirected it to a friend. One feel alone without it. After the breakfast do I call Gällivare Taxi and book a taxi from the airport to the youth hostel in Gällivare. Our plane land 20.30 in Gällivare, then there is no need to try to get a taxi when we arrive. My rucksack is ready so I spend the day playing in the garden with my cat.  I feel a bit nervous, it is not often I travel these days. This year do I take a taxi to the airport, this is cheaper than having the car at the parking place at the airport during ten days.

Goodbye and have a nice trip, do the cat say and leave for inspecting her territory. She is still away when my taxi arrive. The driver is a nice man from Iraque, who is astonished about my luggage. I will hike in the mountains, I explain. Mountains in Sweden? He looks even more astonished and leave the highway at the wrong exit. After a severe traffic offence are we back on the highway. The next exit is the correct exit, which he manage properly. The window on his side is not working, he is with pure force trying to close it. The car stagger, do at least have hand on the steering-wheel! The speed vary depending on if there is a supervision camera or not. Half past three do I safely arrive at the airport.

According to the rules do I put my walking stick and rucksack in plastic bags. In the meantime do my friend arriver. The flight to Stockholm is boring, we get coffee but nothing to it without paying.  On the cheap flights is nowadays nothing free. On Stockholm do we change flight. According to our tradition do we have a pizza at the airport. We manage to upset a few ladys in the queue to the flight to Gällivare, the "babbling" ladys did not move with the queue so we thought they did belong to it. This time do we on the plane get a sandwich to eat. Nearby sit a young boy with a hacking cough. We hope it is not infectious.  The plane fly right above Gällivare, it looks like a model railway.

The taxi is waiting for us, it costs 140SEK to be taken to the youth hostel. At the youth hostel has the old house been painted, the driver say it will be something for Italian tourist. We have been told where to find the key to our room in the hostel, but the girl in the reception is still there waiting for us. We pay 150 SEK each to get room C2.

The cat