A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 17 August, Álájávrre - Staloluokta, 18 km

The sun smile at us, there is a cold wind from the lake. We walk at the water's edge, either on gravel or on meadows which sometimes are bumpy. We follow the edgein detail, points and creeks. Sometimes we hear something screaming, and then a few meters away do grouse fly away. We get as scared as they are. A small bird, which is flying as a swallow and can swim, follow us. Gulls sail above the water. At the end of the lake is a hut used by the reindeer farmers. From our view does it stand alone against the sky. There is still a cold wind from the lake. We continue to the end of the lake, where we walk up the slope to a crest. We have not seen any good camp site, one could possibly use the shore at the end of the lake. On the top are bare rocks, shaped as whales. Inbetween two such rocks is a depression where we get a shelter against the wind. In the east is Álájávrre, further away is Lánjektjåhkkå with it's glacier. In the west behind the flat Liemakláhka, between Unna- and Stuor-Liemak, can we see Ålmåijekna.

Time for choise of path, north or south of Unna Liemak? South, on the flatland Liemakláhka and then try to find the ridge we missed on our way out. Liemakláhka is dominated with meadows, a few marshes which one walk through with no problem. Stállojågåsj is a rill in a canyon, which indicates it must be more furious when the snow melts. The brook is our guide until the moment the view open up to let us see an odd landscape. Lakes and rocks are randomly spread out, with the scarfaced Stuor Dijdder as the background. We enter the odd landscape. It might be possible to find a camp site here, but we can not find a place where we can get the tent pegs deep enough. We decide that at the "sausage" shaped lake beneath "our" ridge are good places. We fight our way down a steep but short slope down to the lake, and through a dense vegetation. Where we hoped to find a good place is it too wet.

We look around for a while, but give up. We continue in a depression, to the right is wall of rock covered with birches and osier. The only thing missing is a scout standing up there. We baptise the place to "Indiangorge". In the south is a good view of Gierggevárre och Jiegńáffo. It is a beautiful place. When we reach the track to Staloluokta do we decide to continue the few remaining kilometers to the hut. The hills start to feel steep and the small marches that the track pass are huge. The track pass thorugh a birch forest, then we get the impressive view of Virihaure with Staloluokta. The church cot is half naked, the new dress of sod is waiting to be put on. At six do we get room 8 to a cost of 190 SEK per person. A room for two.

We want to fly to Kvikkjokk tomorrow, in the hut is a direct phone to Norrlandsflyg. All flights except the morning flight with Norrlandsflyg are cancelled, due to lack of booked passengers. Fortunately is there place for us in that helicopter. We do not manage to get any smoked fish, so we eat tuna fish with potato purée, while watching our neighbours who eat smoked fish. A few things have changed since last year. The water pump, with a pipe from the jåhkk, has been moved to the neighbouring  house. The electricity system do not work any longer, nothing happens when we try to switch on the light. Before I go to bed do I check my temperature, one degree too high. That's perhaps why I don't feel so healthy tonight.

West Álájávrre