A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 12 August, Njallajávrásj - Tjågnårisskájdde, 18 km

The summit of Álátjåhkkå is hidden from our view, clouds are surrounding it. My throat feels strange, I hope it is a feeling that will go away during the day. At twenty past nine do we walk on our beach, and then we have an easy walk to the outlet from the lake. The brook is about five meters wide, both sides consist of rocks. There is not much water, and there are several stripes of rock that stretch from one side to the other. On one of those can we easily cross the brook. Further downstream is the brook in a canyon. We keep the altitude, walking north of the hill Unna Liemak. The slope is hilly, but nothing that makes it difficult to walk. We are not alone, a young couple from Stockholm are on their way to Álggavágge, via the north side of the lake Álájávrre. The man in the shop had told us that there is probably one boat missing at Álggajávrre. We hope there is one on the correct side for them, else they have to ford. In front of us is a large wetland. The couple walk towards it, we walk south of it and think on what to do. The tempting alternative is to walk up on Álátjåhkkå. The summit is still in clouds, and I start to feel sick with fever and a sore throat. A visit on Álátjåhkkå is not what I feel for right now.

We decide to walk on the hills south of Álájávrre towards the lake Rissájávrre and then from there to the mouth of the valley Sarvesvágge. We follow a reindeer fence up the slope south of Álájávrre. Where the fence cross a brook is a couple struggle to get through the fence. They have walked south of Álájávrre, "beautiful and easy to walk there, but it is chilly" they say. The thermometer say ten degrees, we find it is a comfortable temperature. The fence change to consist of red plastic tubes hanging from a string. Small pieces of the tubes litter on the ground, it does not look nice. At lunch are we up on the plateau between Álájávrre and the hill Stuor-Liemak. Here are a few small lakes, at the first one do we have lunch. My friend takes a nap, while I walk around looking for flowers. Besides Cottongrass do I not find anything interesting. It is a flat landscape, around us are small hills except in the east where the mountains at Sarvesvágge are seen. It is beautiful and an extremely comfortable walk on grassy meadows.

From the slope down to the lake Liemakjávrre do we have a good view of the lake and the distant Álggavágge. A minor snow field still exist this late in the summer. We walk south of the lake, still an easy walk. At the next lake Rissájávrre is the place in Sweden that is most isolated, i.e. furthest away from any road. As we descend to the lake do we have a remarkable view of it and Álggavágge, which is here is more close. At the lake is it somewhat stony, but nothing serious. We turn to southeast, towards the peaks at Sarvesvágge, which is our landmarks as we walk up the hilly slope up to the lakes without names south of the hill Oarjep Rissávárre. At the lakes is it a barren landscape. We start looking for a camp site while we walk south of the lake, but up here is nothing we like.

As we descend to Tjågńåris do we pass a reindeer fence (actually the same as before), here as well does it consist of hanging red plastic tubes.  For us is it easy to pass, but the reindeers must find it impossible. We follow a brook, looking for a campsite as we approach the mouth of Sarves. Though there is no problem in walking on the grassy slope do we not find any place that suit our requirments. We and the winding brook end up in the shallow valley at Tjågńåris. The mountains have now grown to giants. We reach Tjågnårisjåhkå, where it split in two do we find a meadow with low growing osier at one side. Here we stay. My throat feels as an open wound, the fever is rising. My friend volunteer to be my servant, and makes an excellent evening dinner. My sleeping bag welcomes me.


Towards Sarves


South of Oarjep Rissávárre