A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 11 August, Gällivare - Njallajávrásj, 7 km

The bunk bed is not stable, it shakes and makes noise each time my friend move in the bed above me. For the breakfast do we take some of the breakfast intended for the hike. I protest since it is not dimensioned for it, my intention was to have breakfast at Åhult's café. We leave the youth hostel, and walk the short distance to the railway station. We cross the railways on a footbridge. In a building close to the railway staion is the taxi and tourist information, where we leave our luggage. The bus to Ritsem will leave at ten, the bus station is outside the railway station, and we have one hour to spend. We use it to buy fuel for our stove at Öströms färg, and have coffee at Åhult's. I buy a baguette to have as lunch on the bus. We are back at the railway station in good time.

After the cross road to Ritsem is the road in a bad shape, but my friend sleep well anyway. At Kebnats does man enter the wrong bus, he wanted to go to the cross road "Vägskäl Ritsem", but confusion of languages made him enter the bus to Ritsem instead. He leave it at Stora Sjöfallet where he will wait for the bus coming back. He has a plane to catch and is a bit nervous. Quarter past one do we walk down the road to the helicopter place in Ritsem. The helicopter is supposed to leave at two, but we are the only passangers so we fly almost at once.

I get the place at the pilot, with the task of taking pictures, since my friend has no camera. The clouds are high up, and we get a nice trip. The view is impressive, the ground slowly move beneath us. It is a fantastic feeling to fly with an helicopter. The pilot is a nice man, who state that "we elder do not like all of the new rules for flying". After 20 minutes do we approach Staloluokta. A quick touch down at Olle, to deliver a parcel, before we land at the shore of the lake Virihaure nearby the tourist hut.

We walk up to the hut and repack our things. We continue to the "shop", and ask if he has smoked fish. We know the answer, it must be ordered in advance. Instead do we buy dried reindeer meet for dinner tonight. Our plan is to walk to the lake Álájávrre, and we ask the man in the shop for the best way to get there. "Keep left on the track through the forest, else you will end up at the lake, until we reach the 'old Padjelanta trail'.  After a while should we leave the trail and continue on a small ridge between two lakes". We follow the tracks through a birch forest, find the old trail and is soon above the tree line. The view in the south towards Gierkevarre is nice. In the east can the distant mountains at Njoatsosvagge be seen. The weather is pleasant, and we don't meet any mosquitos. Apart from a few bogs is the track easy to walk. The track climb up a steep slope, on which it grows dense osier.

In front of us can we see Alatjåhkkå, and we wonder where the ridge is that we should have followed. We realise we have missed it, it was probably at the steep slope. We change our plans, we abandon the track and walk down the gentle slope to the lake Njallajávrásj. The slope is easy to walk on and it does not take long time for us to reach the lake. At half past five do we find a good campsite not far from the outlet of the lake, a place with a beach. The water is warmer than the air, which is nine degrees. Our world is limited by Alatjåhkkå in the north and Gierkevarre in the south.

Öströms färg

From helicopter

Towards Njallajávrásj