A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day10: 19 August, Kvikkjokk - Jokkmokk, - km

We have breakfast for 65 SEK that the mountain station serve. The girls in the reception ask us about Sarek, they want to know more to be able to answer all questions they get. The old men (i.e. us) try to give some information. The bus to Jokkmokk leave from the church, we put our luggage there. My friend lie down on a bench and rest, while I visit others that rest on the churchyard. It is a beautiful and peaceful place, with a frame of birches surrounding it. I continue to a meadow nearby, looking for flowers. I find a few for my photo collection. The man on the bench wake up and is hungry. We walk to the restaurant in "the old shop" where we eat a "kvikkjokkare", an hamburger wirh reindeermeat. Not bad at all. On TV do one play table tennis in the olympic games, double between a swedish and danish pair. The dane win.

The bus leave at one, it is us and six more that are going to Jokkmokk. The trip cost 110SEK. The first part is a narrow road between the lake and a stony slope. Stones that at any moment seems to fall down on the road. As we approach Jokkmokk do the road get better. At the busstation de we change bus to get to Åsgatan where the youth hostel i situated. The hostel open at five, we leave our luggage on the veranda. Nearby is the tourist office, where we ask how one get to Lars Pirak, an artist we visited 1991. We get a map. On the way do we make a stop at Conditori City for a coffee and yummy cake. We continue. At a crossing do we look on the map. "Are you looking for Pirak?" do a man shout. They must be used to tourists that is looking for him! Pirak is nice man, and he seems to remember that my friend bought a painting here 13 years ago. He is not very active nowadays, he do not have much to sell. But at the "gamla apoteket" do they sell a few things. We have a chat, he tell us that when he was young did he thin out beets in Skåne (where we come from).

At the youth hostel does it take a moment to find out that our room is booked in the name of Mannermark. My southern dialect must be difficult to understand. We walk to Hotel Gästis, where we plan to eat. It is closed, open lunchtime only. Instead do we eat at the China restaurant Kowloon. A good nazigoreng, bread, and two beers. There is a drizzle when we walk back to the hostel.