A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4-6: 13-15 August, Tjågnårisskájdde - Tjågnårisskájdde, - km

13 August.
The sore throat and fever is still bad, it is even worse than yesterday. We cancel the day and hope for a better day tomorrow. My friend volunteer to continue as a servant. Though he hawk, does he not feel sick. I stay in the tent all day, except for doing what must be done outside. Through the opening can I see many reindeers passing by. Birds have an airshow above us. The cloudiness is varying during the day. In the evening is the throat better but the fever is still slowly rising.

14 August.
Even worser day. I spend all the day in the tent, and most of the time inside the sleeping bag. In the afternoon do a lone hiker from Germany pass by. He ask how it is to walk in Lullihavágge and from there to Pårek. My friend who has lived many years in Germany tell in German:
"Lullihavágge is a rather nice valley, somewhat steep from Sarves. In the mountain pass is it very stony. In 1985 was there snow field to walk on. Gådokjåhkå can be dangerous to ford, use the bridge if it exist. 1985 was it gone, but it was easy to walk on the glacier instead."
He ask if he may put is tent a few hundred meters further away, he has been walking many kilometers today and is getting tired. We don't mind. It is a cloudy day, the temperature rise to eight degrees. My temperature rise to 39.5 and I take a pill that reduce the fever. My friend is surprised that I bring a clinical thermometer. So what, he is carrying a normal thermometer.

15 August.
The temperature is falling, mine and the one outside. The weather is nasty with many showers, but the sun do also show up during a few short moments. A hill a few hundred meters away block the view towards Sarves. I ford the brook and walk up on the hill. A strong cold wind meet me. The view north of the valley of Alep Sarvesjåhkås is extended. The view into Sarvesvágges is still blocked. I continue further towards it, it is up and down in something that looks like since long dry river beds. I'm sweating and freezing at the same time, one of the many showers pass by. I choose to return to the tent. Two hikers visit us, wondering about the best way to the Tuottar cabins. 2003 did we walk among the small lakes on the highland, but it can be difficult to navigate in bad weather. There is nothing to guide the eye. Perhaps one should open a tourist office here, it has never happened before that somebody has asked us for an advice. Now it has happened two days after each other. Other guests is a herd of reindeers. I write this at 21.30, and the reindeers are still around. They are not afraid of us any longer. when we leave the tent do they look up and then continue to eat without being disturbed. It has rained for a few hours, but now it is decreasing cloudiness. It is getting colder. There is snow down to 1300 m.


Towards Tjågńårisskajdde