A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 16 August, Tjågnårisskájdde - Álájávrre, 10 km

The reindeers stay all night with us. The have made small pits all around, they must have found something that taste very good. It has been raining during the night, and in the morning are the clouds far down on the mountain sides. Gradually do the clouds dispurse, we can then see that there is snow on Tjågńårisvárásj, i.e. well below 1200 meters. Today I do not feel that bad, so it is time to leave. But to where? Our planned route is too long, we decide to return to Staloluokta via the north side of the lake Álájávrre. We walked there in bad weather 1996, we hope the weather will be better today. Exactly 9.53 do we start.

We try to keep the same altitude, with the hill Nuortap Rissávárre as the landmark. The slope is hilly, a bit wet here and there, but overall is it a comfortable walk. The valley of Alep Sarvesjåhkå, to the right of us, is embedded in rain. A few raindrops reach us. As we approach the brook Rissájåhkå, still hidden behind a hill, can we hear a rumble. The origin show up when we can see the brook, a rather impressive waterfall. After the fall do the brook widen, and one can easily walk over to the other side. We walk up to where the fall start. Here we can see into the valley Álggavágge, a haze disturb the view. In our direction does it clear up. We follow the brook upstream, walking on grassy meadows, to start with along the brook and then the lake Lulep Rissájávrre. In front of us is the fjäll Álátjåhkkå. We pass strange small hills, about a meter high. We leave the lake, walking between Nuortap Rissávárre and a lake without name. The landscape change character, to a strange landscape with many stones and rocks scattered around. An almost visiblee and partly cairned track wind between the stones. The weather is fantastic, the lunch at the lake without name takes part in sunshine.

The stony landscape continue all the way to Álájávrre. Álátjåhkkå is naked, in the east are the snowpowdered peaks in Sarek. Far in the west, is a glacier. It must be Ålmåijekna, at the border to Norway. We choose not to walk at the lake, but further up on the slope of Álátjåhkkå. It is stony and hilly. After a while do we approach the lake, when I suddenly drop my rucksack. One of the straps is gone! We search for it. My friend, who is more practical than me, realise that all pieces are still there. It is just to mount it again. At the lake is it easy to walk. At a brook, with a wide delta at the lake, is a nice grassy meadow. My friend say his pulse is rapid, and I do not feel recovered. This place is a perfect camp site. Though it is early (15.30) do we decide to stay here for the night.

A short rest, a bath in the lake. This evening do I prepare the dinner. The hills on the other side of the lake are smooth. Towards east is the glacier Lánjekjiegńa. During our evening stroll do we find an empty liquor bottle. Bring a whole bottle? The sun set, time to sleep.


Rissájåhkå, Álátjåhkkå

Easter Álájávrre