A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day11: 20 August, Jokkmokk - Hem, - km

My friend complain that I poke about, when I pack, visit the toilet, eat breakfast, and clean the room. In the meantime does he manage to get up so we are in time to leave the room before the deadline at ten. We leave our luggage on the veranda, and go to ICA to buy food for breakfast (a second one for me). W eat it on the veranda. At the "gamla apoteket" do I buy arctic honey, and a book about reindeers. The latter as a present to one that love reindeers.

Next is a visit to the Ajtte mountain museum. My friend is looking for a christening gift, but do not find any. We have no time to visit the interesting museum. We walk back on Storgatan, where many of the impressive birches are gone. New ones has been set, but it will take many years until they have grown up. 13.05 do the bus leave to Gällivare. In Gällivare do we eat a sausage with potato purée at MJ. In the gift shop "Hantverksboden" do we find the christening gift, a beautiful box of silver with Same symbols.

At four do we take a taxi to the airport. The flight to Arlanda is uneventful. At Arlanda do we have time only to walk between the gates. The plane is full, I feel shut in. I'm used to the freedom in the mountains. The plane leave 15 minutes late, it changed gate in the last moment and everybody did not realised it in time. We are 15 minutes late when we leave the plane at Sturup. In front of a monitor in the arrival hall, is a crowd of people looking at the screen.  When we pass it do the crowd shout of joy, J.O. Waldner has won the quarter final of table tennis in the olympic games. I'm just in time to catch the bus home.

The cat greets me when I open the door. On the table in the kitchen are keys and a note. I will look after my neighbour's cats and appartment, and the note say that one of the cats did not come home before they left. The evening is warm, though it is almost eleven, and I leave my door open. My cat suddenly angrily look out, then I hear the bell. The neighbour cat is coming home. I let her in, and make sure that they have water and food for the night. Outside the door is my cat waiting. She look at me and mutter, do you have to be that friendly to such wasters.

Neighbour cat