28 August

The women and the dog set off in time for the 5:40 bus to Jokkmokk. I prefer to stay in bed for a while and then eat my breakfast of gruel in the self-catering kitchen. It's normally only me sitting there. A little dark rather boring kitchen, in an almost windowless room. I make a call  to Lapplandsflyg thereafter. Fortunately, I have my mobile with me, but no charger, the battery is bad, so I have to economize. I get place on the helicopter to Staloluokta tomorrow Saturday, 12:30, and back at 18:25 Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, my plan is to go up on Princekullen, and then on Thursday morning to go to Jokkmokk.

They want to be paid today, I walk the road to the helicopter place one kilometer away. The girl at the front desk is nice, she looks up at the Norwegian weather webpage about how the weather will be. Clouds, sun, rain, all the symbols at the same time each day. I.e. everything is covered, then it can never be wrong. Pays 1700 SEK for the helicopter, return ticket. Everything was not better in the good old days, comfortable to pay by card. On the way back I slip into the combined visitor center, cafe and shop, and buy a beer, "Norrland gold" to have for lunch. I'm in Norrland, one should by the local beer.

Back at the mountain station do I study tonight's menu at the restaurant: steamed salmon. Today they have no first course or dessert, a shortage of staff and many reservations. It would be too much with a full menu. It suits me fine. It is preferable to book in advance. It's my birthday today, so I do allow me a good dinner and book me. Returns and thanks for the heating pad. The hostess apologize for that she had written in English on the note. I did not even think about it..English seems to be natural everywhere today. I drink my beer at lunch, rosehip soup and mackerel in tomato sauce.

Spend the afternoon at Kamajåkkå. I have for many years wondered how far one can go upstream along the jåkk. Follow a path upstream. It is a bumpy path. I do some shore raids on the rocks. It is relaxing to sit and listen to the rapids noise and see the water flowing over rocks and cliffs. A pair of hiking boots is hanging in a tree. A cross is carved into a tree trunk. A memorial of a walker drowned in the stream? The path becomes worse and worse, the jåkk has at high tide left rubbish on the path. My back is full with pain, go out and sit on the rocks. Keeps me on safe ground, do not want to get a cross in a tree as a memorial of me. It is nice to sit here alone, to think, see and listen to the jåkk. Goes back slowly to the mountain station. Wash some clothes before the Staloluokta stay.

At dinner, I have a Norwegian bus driver and a German couple at the table. They chat. He drives around  Swiss students studying the life in the Arctic. They are now in Staloluokta, he will pick them up at the helicopter in the morning. In the dining room is also a major men's society. Singing loudly. Cooked salmon with potatoes, it tastes great. After dinner I go to the lookout ("Utkiken"). There is no service for tonight due to the many dinner guests. The men's society come and drink whiskey. Equally loud as at the dinner. Perhaps they are celebrating the end of a hike?

Lapplandsflyg - helikopter to Staloluokta