5 September

Clears up. Walking, pass the house Fjällnäs, up against Dundret. Walk on the path towards the peaks. Enjoy the view of Gällivare. The back says: no more now, so I return down again.

I wake up to rain at six o'clock. I eat a  breakfast from the hotel's breakfast buffet; sour milk, muesli, blueberries, cloudberry jam, bread, ham, salmon, german sausage, liver, eggs, juice, and coffee. When I have finished eating, it has stopped raining, there is a tendency to become better weather. Pack my small backpack with lunch and rain gear.

I start with the Cultural Trail, when I get to Fjällnäs I will decide the future. The Cultural Trail, is a walking tour that pass the cultural parts of Gällivare, begins at the Central School. The school now houses a tourist office, museum, and a cafe. In the park outside, three bronze pillars, Seite, symbols of the Sami religion. In a smaller house, the spray house, is a small fire brigade museum. The nearby wooden church from about 1880 is locked. Passing the statue "Sami", he seems to freeze. In front of him are small flower-boats. The beautiful train station from the 1890s, I have seen it several times, see it again. Crossing the railway via the footbridge to the "other side" (Andra Sidan), i.e. the other side of Vassara River. There is the former Children's Home, a nice house from 1878 that has been infirmary, tourist hotel, orphanages. Looks like it is barricaded, it looks like as the last time I was here, could it not be used for something? Surrounding the house are huts that are a youth hostel. Follow the footpath along the River Vassara to the old church, The Lapp Church built 1747, it is beautifully situated among autumn colored birch trees. It is locked. I look up to Dundret, looks to clear up. I walk up the slope to Fjällnäs, a castle-like building with carpentry. Once the summer home of the head of the mining company, today a hotel and restaurant. Now I have to make up my mind: Culture Trail or Dundret? My own local weather forecast say it will clear up, I decide for Dundret.

The walking path pass beneath the highway and then up through the woods. At some bogs are there openings in the forest. Coming up to a lighted track. Hmm, do not know how to come up above the tree-line from here. Follow the lighted track but it turns out to be the wrong way I think. Meet a couple that I can ask. Sure, you can go where I go, but it is a boring road through the ski stadium. They show me a rocky path up through the birch forest, which rises to the top view. It sounds good, I take it.

It's quite steep and rocky, the winter path shows the the way with marks. Above the mountain birches can I see how the clouds lick the mountain peaks, but it'll probably clear up even more. The plants on the ground are turning to autumn colours. A walker pass quickly by, he is almost running. Crossing an area of big stones when I get above the tree-line. The views open up. I can see the tourist facility Dundret. Pass a ski lift, continue up the path which gradually dissolves and I come up on what I believe is the top view. The clouds are now high up. From here, I have a fine view down over Gällivare, to the east I see a lake. Westbound is a flat landscape, at the horizon are small ripples. Southbound I see the rest of Dundret. A dirt road is leading up here. A couple is walking along the road, stands for a while and looks towards Gällivare. There are actually two flat tops, walk over to the one in west. Here is a foundation for a flagpole and something resembling a remains of a fort. Of course there are also top cairns. It blows a cold wind. I sit on the leeward slope towards Gällivare and eat lunch.

Take it easy for a while, then wander down. Depart from the path at the ski lift, follow it uphill. I arrive at an interesting crossroad: Björnfällan, Mountain hut, Western Peak, and Åke on the top (Åke på toppen). Åke on the top sounds fun, start to walk in that direction. A young couple is walking along, ask them what Åke on the top is? "A cottage, it's a nice view overlooking the south but the top view is just as nice." Take a break at a beautiful rippling mountain stream. Should I go to Åke, 5km back and forth? Getting late, it looks like the clouds show up again, and my back is in pain already. I decide to turn back. Where the birches start are lots of blueberries. I have a long pause enjoying the blueberries. Goes off to visit the Dundret hotel complex. It looks sterile and desolate, it is certainly nice and full of life, and full speed down the ski slopes in winter time with all the snow that are here then. Walk leisurely down to Gällivare. I have time to halt and admire a tree trunk.

Take a shower. Decide today to try eating at Husmans. When I go there it rains. I've decided for pie, but is sold out, replace it with a decent souvlaki. I want to see the men's World Cup qualifying match Hungary - Sweden. It will appear on O'Learys sports bar. There was no address in the ad that was in the flyer, looking around but I can not find it. Nobody to ask, everybody are probably stuck in front of the TV. Goes back to the hotel room. The channel that show it do they not have at the hotel. In the news can I find out the result 1-2, after the decisive goal by Zlatan in the last second. On my mobile is a text message, "Kågeröd - HIF 1-7, HIF - Marieholm 1-1". Football at the lower level, div IV Northern Skåne. Lower but significantly more important. Qualifying up within reach.

Fjällnäs castle
Åke på toppen
Ski resort Dundret
Restaurant Husmans

Central school

Three seitar




Railway station


river Vassara

Lapp church



View of Gällivare




Road up





Åke on the summit

Mountain brook

Tree trunk