26 August

OOUUCCHHH! My back is complaining violently.. I feel it as impossible  to walk with a heavy rucksack on his back,at least today. Fast replanning. A leaves the tent / sleeping mat / thermos, it makes the backapack less heavy and decide to walk the Padjelanta trail. Follow him to the boat 9.30. A Danish couple with children is also there. A who has no clock with him borrow mine, may be useful. Waving goodbye. Depressed I'll go back to the road. There is a house that it once was a kiosk in. The bus stop was at that time outside the kiosk. What to do? Goes past the former parsonage and down to Kamajåkkå. Stands for a moment and look at the rapids. Go up the slope into an opening. There's a Midsummer Pole, looks even more depressed than I am. On a sign it says "Linné was here". He has got a path named after him, Linnaeus road, when he visited the area. It goes up to Prinskullen and through Vallevagge, our planned route. My path is going back and into the church. Contemplate my fate. Back on the mountain station may I borrow an alarm clock in the reception. Book a room for a few nights, must move from room 6 to 4 in the old part. The goats are trying to comfort me. Eat a simple lunch. What to do?

I decide to test my back and do a walk without rucksack up the hill Sjnjerak. Begin at the house where the old bus stop and the kiosk were. Go to the end of the road, then uphill on a path through the forest. At times it is a rocky and bumpy path. In some places are barbecues and shelters. As I get up to higher altitude do the spruce give place for the birch forest. A bridge takes me over a brook. The trail rises slowly uphill. Hands without text points in all directions. Choose a path that takes me up above the tree line. At a small lake is a rest house. A German couple is resting before walking down to Kvikkjokk. I go up on the crest overlooking the Kvikkjokk and delta. Mountain Bearberry have got the red automn colours. In the northeast can be seen a few lakes, seems to go a path towards it. Looks nice. I improve the top cairn. I find a to me unknown flower, small white flowers in a bunch. To the north is another crest. A quad bike is coming up on it. My back says not for me to go their today, so I return the same way down to Kvikkjokk.

Have a chat with the hosts. The Mountain station is for sale. Perhaps there is no station here in the future? It has not been renovated for a long time, so it costs much to put it in good order. Swedish Tourist Federation does not seem interested in the King's Trail, south of Saltoluokta. Hiking is probably not profitable, then better to go for those who spend money on experiences, accommodation and meals. As I will send A's things to Ritsem do I get a Bussgods form from the hosts. Succeed in completing it, and I wait at the church on the evening bus. Costs 121 crowns. The dinner is mountain food, ham and mashed turnips. Console myself with a glass of wine in the Utkiken ("the look-out") and write my diary, but has no greater inspiration.

20/12 2009:
Reads in the newpaper Norrbottenskuriren that the mountain station in Kvikkjokk has acquired a new owner, according to the letter of intent shall it be operated in cooperation with the Swedish Tourist Federation, a gentle renovation is planned, hurry slowly. We'll see how it goes. One can always hope for the best.



Previous kiosk


Linné was here

Church, interior

Old part







Mountain Bearberry sprigs