2 September

The day begins with overcast and rain. I abandon my planned trip to Prinskullen. Visit Naturum and church. Studying the rapids in Kamajåkkå and do some botany. Preparing for leaving.

The clouds hang heavy in the mountains, it rains slightly. Not much to do, cancel my planned trip up the Prinskullen. Callthe hostel in Jokkmokk, it is only open in the evening 17-19. I talk with a nice Swedish speaking German. He arrived last night with the bus, began to go directly against Pårek. Then came the cloudburst, it got dark and he became soaking wet. Nothing funny so he turned around in the dark, the head-lamp lit up the path back. Stayed in the room outside the reception. I go to the pay phone, which takes credit cards, at the church, and do as I promised to call J and give her the greetings from K.

Then I go together with the German to the café, where I eat a reindeer burger with chips and a light beer. Studying the nature center "Naturum" in connection with the café, small but nice nonetheless. Has difficulty for large exhibitions. It is told that Linnaeus' coat of arms is  set up as a flower bed on the church hill. Therefore go back to the church, which was built in 1907. Outside the church stands a belfry. On the same site was previously a chapel. E.g. the pulpit from the chapel remains in the new church. Next to the pulpit hangs a painting by Mrs. Professor Amanda Tigerhjelm, she donated it to the church after a visit with her husband Professor and Knight and Doctor. Mr. N.J. Andersson in 1864. Around the church is a simple cemetery. Wander around among the grave crosses. Outside the church is something that I interpret as flower bed with Linnaeus' coat of arms. Barely legible signs, such as yellow wood violet. Do mostly see "weeds". Perhaps the end of the season, or it is not maintained.

The sun show up, the forecast for tomorrow says rain. The German, which would only make a short trip to Pårek give up the project, For me I think it's too late for a trip to Prinskullen. The germans go and rest, have not slept much, he had long night. I take a walk along the rapids of Kamajåkkå. There is plenty of water to be transported after the heavy rain, it pours with great force. Study the lingonberries. Despite my problems to distinguish between bilberry and blueberry, I am sure these are lingonberries. Otherwise they are very similar, in my view, to  dwarf cornel. I think I know  Interrupted Clubmoss. Could that be Cladonia Stelaris? With a red body in? Maybe. Enough of botany. Stay for a long time  and study the water in the jåkk.

Then I go to the payphone at the church and call the Jokkmokk hostel. Do not want to empty my phone's battery, have no charger with me, and the prepaid card. Book a single room for tomorrow night. Next call is to hotel Dundret in Gällivare, where I book two extra nights for me. We have already booked for one night earlier. The Norwegian woman from Staloluokta comes with the helicopter, talk a while with her. She is also on the bus tomorrow morning, 5:40. Rather early. Make me ready to go. Cleaning the room, which is in the old part of the mountain station, the broom is full of dust, dustpan is gone. Vacuuming, shaking rugs, bedding. Hate to throw food, but still have to throw some gruel and cous-cous. Packing the backpack. Get of course a sore back. Bad feet, bad knees, bad back, problems at the trochanter major, bad shoulder, bad eyes. Can not think of more right now. The text message I got the 28th from my brother in law, "Happy birthday OLD MAN" is true. Sets my borrowed alarm clock, can leave it in the room when I leave, to alarm and wake me in time for the bus.

Hotell Dundret








Grave yard

Grave crucifix

Bell tower

Coat of arms




Interrupted Clubmoss

Cladonia stellaris?


Old part