Febrauri 2009
My God! What happened? My back is a piece of painful lump. Rolls out of bed. Use my toes to get on the stockings. What a pain. I'm  at DESY in Hamburg for the testing of our equipment. Semi-invalid do I stumble around, supports me on walls, tables, and chairs. Some jobs must be done, some I must leave to others. After a few days I go to the doctor at DESY. I get relieve pain pills and "It'll pass by itself." Analgesics do I not, skeptical about this, not take. It pass away by itself after a few weeks.

June to July 2009
My God! Now again! This time at home. I get an appointment with a physiotherapist. Her diagnosis is herniated discs. Have to do false push-ups, i.e. just to lift your upper body. It will ease the pressure. Since November, I have also problems with the left shoulder, it is almost useless, so I take the opportunity to complain about it too. Probably a pinched nerve. Receive a "rubber band" that I should pull, it will open up for the nerve. Getting worried for Sarek hike in August. To reduce weight do I buy a lightweight rain gear, Haglofs LIM Ultimate, and a small light compact camera, Canon PowerShot A1100 IS. That makes it two kilograms lighter. My back improves.. When I at the end of July, is going back to DESY can I start jogging in the park outside. After two weeks can I manage five kilometers every other day.

August 2009
Home again, i do visits at the gym again. It is time to try to hike with my backpack . I start by packing  it with 15 kilograms and gives me away to my closest forest, the nature reserve Linnebjer five kilometers away. Ouch! My foot! For many years I had problems with the right foot, but have not have it in years. Now again! Each step is a pain. I return to my physiotherapist. A not totally unusual thing, a nerve is pinched. I go biking and trains at the gym, the foot is soon well again. Pack the backpack again and walk Myrstigen at Skrylle, a nice round of four kilometers past an artificial lake in the former quarry, pasture land, ponds, and a bumpy path uphill. Heavier backpack every time. The last time with hiking weight. The back feels fine, everything feels good.

August 23, 2009
Pack for departure. Ten days in Sarek to look forward to.

A hike on Myrstigen in Skrylle