Going home

Take the bus to Lulea. Looking at a raisin exhibition at Kulturhuset in Luleå, fun. Fly to Sturup airport. At home at midnight.

We can take it easy in the morning. The bus to Luleå, Polstjärnan (Polar star), leave quarter after nine. It takes us past small villages, forests, Överkalix, Kalix. We arrive in Luleå 12:40. We put our backpacks in the lockers at the bus station. We have time to spend, the plane towards home leave 19:15. It is time for lunch, we walk the pedestrian street looking for a place to eat. On a cross street, Nygatan, is a place with a sallad buffé, Roya. It is good, and needed, long time since eating a proper sallad. Then goes into Äventyrsbutiken Hägglunds, none of us are really happy with our backpacks. Try some different models, but I can not decide here spontaneously. Continue to the Culture House (Kulturhuset), with art exhibitions, a library, and tourist information. In the art gallery is an exhibition of John Hagelbäck. Raisins in the place of humans in different contexts, such as a rock concert in Roskilde festival in Denmark, with raisins as audience jumping up and down, raisins in the band playing, and raisins in the queue to the toilets. Fun!

We take the 15:30 shuttle bus to the airport, where we can check in directly. Eat an early dinner at the restaurant, Västerbottenpie with smoked reindeer. The flight is uneventful. I remember that this time to have no liquids on me or in the cabin luggage. Landing at Sturup 23:00, in time for the shuttle bus, I get off at the hospital which is the last stop. I am lucky, just before the last line 4 to home. Otherwise I had to walk. Unlock the door at midnight. There is something missing. Have not yet got used to that there is no cat who meets me. I sit down by the grave and tell her about the journey.

Äventyrsbutiken Hägglunds
Kulturens hus i Luleå

10 Polstjärnan Luleå

Roya salladbar

Culture House

Raisin concert