4 September

Visit Jokkmokk stone center. Interesting, with all the rocks, learn about provincial stones of a nice woman. Bus to Gällivare, taking into Dundret Hotel. Thai buffet at the Grand Hotel.

Breakfast at seven. A man is drinking coffee and complaining of headache, it became too much wine last night. Cleaning of the room, leave the backpack on the veranda and goes to the House of Culture in the Old Pharmacy on Storgatan. Has the tradition to stroll among the things there, over the years more and more of textiles, and exchange a few words with the ladies who take care of it. Then go to Jokkmokk stone center. Small but very nice. Many beautiful stones and stone jewelry. Have a long interesting chat with the owner. In a booth on the wall is an exhibition of all Sweden's provincial stones, did not know there were provincial stones. Scania has of course flint. She shows and tells me little about each stone. They make a necklace, The Sweden chain, with all provincial stones. In a booth is a piece of galenit, PbS, the silver-bearing mineral that was extracted at Kvikkjokk silver work. There are many people who come in and buy rock crystal "that is good against evil", they believe. Many people who think remarkable properties of a crystal. We talk about mountain hiking. "The most embarrassing you can do here is to go out already ill or with poor equipment and be picked up by mountain rescue. Has been much in recent years", with regard to my bad back.

When I go to the bus it starts to rain. Eat two bananas for lunch. Five past one the bus to Gällivare leave. The hydroelectric dams in Porjus are painted as a work of art. Is in Gällivare half past two. The rain is increasing during the short distance to the hotel Dundret, where I get invited to have a coffee and cake. When I have installed myself I visit the tourist office in the old school. Thought to attend a guided tour into the mine, but there are no longer guided tours. You may go to Kiruna for it. The times of the guided tours do not fit with the communications to Kiruna. Decide to walk on the cultural path in Gällivare instead and if there is good weather to go up on the low mountain Dundret. The woman at the tourist office told me of a Thai buffet tonight at Vassara Pub in the Grand Hotel opposite the station for 99 SEK, with a beer or glass of wine. Also Husman have affordable and good food. Buy some food at the store (there is a refrigerator in the hotel room). Decide to visit the Thai buffet tonight.

The Thai buffets consisting of rice, egg noodles, steak, fried chicken, and a Tuborg beer. It tastes great. I sit there for a long time, go a few rounds. There are many people who quit the working week with a buffet and a beer. I will end the day by watching television. I have not had TV at home in many years, now looking for study purposes. Sweden - Norway 1-3 in the Football Championship for women. Bad Swedish performance, good Norwegian. Fair result. Sweden is now out. In the pause there is an advertising to write a prayer on svenskakyrkan.se. Even God has broadband. After that there is a documentary about the moon landing in July 1969. Get nostalgic, I watched the lunar landing on television when it happened. One can call it a trip. My God, it's 40 years ago!

Jokkmokk centre for rocks and minerals
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