Transcription of the diary: For a while I thought that I would not make any website about this year's "hiking", did not think it was something to remember or talk about. Gradually I realized I had a rather nice time, finally I think it was very nice. I have never been so social on a trip before, talked with everything (ie not just with people, but also with rivers, lakes, rocks, animals, mountains, blueberry, bilberry, ....) and with all the nice people I met. Do not think that I make things human, it's just a habit I have that when I'm lone talk to anything that I like. The diary must be transcribed before I can sit at the computer with it. My habit of making the transcription is along with a cappuccino in one of the cafes in my hometown.

October 2009: I order the book about Lulea silver works, "Dreams of Silver" by Tore Abrahamsson, ISBN 978-91-7843-312-4 from bokus.com. Here it costs 309 SEK. Life at the mine and Kvikkjokk was different from today's comfortable hiking, it was no holiday task to get up in the mountains, but it is a pleasure to read the book.

I have a new diagnosis of my physical therapist for my bad left shoulder, frozen shoulder. The joint capsule around the shoulder joint shrinks. Seems likely tobe so. It has made a violent pain in almost a year, I've hardly been able to use this arm. It will heal itself, and rightly so now it becomes better and better. The true symptoms of frozen shoulder. Unfortunately it happens that the second shoulder will get it also, but it will probably take a while.

20 December 2009: Reads in Norrbotten Courier that the mountain station in Kvikkjokk have new owners, according to the declaration shall it be continued in cooperation with the tourist federation, a gentle renovation is planned, accelerated slowly. We'll see how it goes. Hope for the best.


Dreams of silver

Making a fair copy