31 August

Go to the toilet as usual at six o'clock. At breakfast I talk with a man who has got a strain in the calf, and can not continue his hike. He looks familiar and he recognizes me, but from where? During the walk, he has strengthened himself by picking and eating bilberry. I wonder how they look, have never seen them. "What!?? Grows everywhere out here, light blue color, brighter than blueberries, less tasteful". I feel stupid. Then it is bilberry I have eaten all the time, I thought it was blueberries. The girls were right yesterday, they ate blueberries. How stupid and ignorant I am. Poor memory. I blame my memory, I picked blueberries so much in my childhood forests. Has never bothered to look up and see what bilberry looks like. The man will fly with Fisklyg to Ritsem today.

I'm domesticated, warm water to the washing-up, fetch new water, and as well as water to wash room. It is threatened with storm today, the sky is covered and it rains lightly. I believe that A arrive today and go to Isak in the shop to order two smoked fishes. I think his name is Isak. Its is another one that opens, I'll have to wait inside for Isaac. The dog barks, seems afraid of me. "Edvin Nilsson is still alive" "Pirak funeral filled the church" two persons who has depicted the mountains , Edvin Nilsson's book "Sarek" inspired me to start hiking, Pirak I have met and have a painting of him. The man is from Jokkmokk, and says that Jokkmokk has two churches. The new from 1890 and the old from the 1970s. There was an old from the 1700's but it burned, and they built it up again in the same style, therefore, is the old newer then the new. I wonder what to do in Jokkmokk. "Same as here, look out through the window". Hm. Isak arrive, the dog is happy, I order the fish, to be collected at six o'clock.

I eat my lunch in the dining room. Study on the sly the company of three. They must have a good stock of food and beverages with them. Wine, jam, cakes, is not normal mountain food. They amuse themselves by playing card. I look down at my dreary powder soup and crispbread. The man with the injured calf remember where we have met, on the boat to Padjelantaleden. Of course. Then he must have gone past A.

The storm seems not to come. It does not blow, there are no stormlike clouds any longer. I make an effort to walk to Kieddaure, but end up in the rugged terrain in a valley. The path that I tried to follow is dissolved. It starts to rain again. This is a true splash day. Goes up on a hill, overlooking the lake. Grey. Make a visit to the church hut. Through the church window looks the world a bit more colorful today. Visit the woman in the grey house and buy glow cakes ("glödkakor"). Asking her if she knows something about where one can find Raggfingerört. "There should be a rare flower in Virihaure western shore, my son runs many there.". I get the name of a man who arranges trips there, so he should know. Rain, sun, wind intermixed. The Norwegian safeguarded weather forecast becomes true.

A Norwegian elderly woman has wandered from Sulitelma, with new boots. Now she has problems with her feet, so she has to break. Staloluokta is a breaking point with its helicopter services. A Fiskflyg helicopter approach from the Kvikkjokk direction, sweeping across the lake, circle around, but embarks without landing. There are many speculations on why? Will the man with the bad calf and the Same woman who manages Fiskflyg reservations at Staluluokta be able to leave today ? A moment later, anotherFiskflyg machine approach, this time the from Ritsem direction. It lands at the house of the Same woman. We are all gazing, looks like all will leave with it. Today's big topic of discussion.

A arrive half past two in the rain. He thought: "U could have taken the helicopter here and been here, and here he is. He has thought himself". A get the amorous room for himself. Now the sun shine in one window, it rains in another, a rainbow is in a third. A is hungry, my stock of "glödkakor" is too small. We go and buy more of them. Then we fetch the fish and eat. We have a good friend K who is walking the Padjelanta trail from Ritsem to Kvikkjokk. He should show up any day. We take an evening walk to the tent site, perhaps he is there? Empty.


Hut kitchen

Hut reception

Bog Bilberry


Grey and cloudy

Church cot window

Hut dining room