A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 18 August, Kvikkjokk - Vallasjauratjah, 13 km

We arrive at Kvikkjokk around noon. Kikkjokk is a small village at a system of lakes and rivers. There is a small shop, a church, and some twenty permanent inhabitants. The mountains are seen in the distnace, close but far away. The touring club has here a very nice mountain station. The bus stop is close to the mountain station, which is located at the wild Kamajåkkå. The weather is pleasant today. At the mountain station is a simple weighing machine for backpackings. Thirtytwo kilograms. It is heavy,and it feels heavy. The main weight is the food for more than two weeks. We do not stay but we follow Kungsleden north towards Aktse. It is uphill, the backpacking feels even heavier. This part of Kungsleden is through a forest, partly spruce. The track is full of stones and roots. Many pair of feets have scupltured it. After six kilometers do we abandon Kungsleden and follow a clearly visible track towards Pårek.

This is one of the most used entry points to Sarek. First is a wet marsh, then one enter a more dry track through the forest before reaching the lake Unna-Tata. The track follow the lake Unna-Tata. It is up and down, mostly up. The trees become smaller and smaller. At a small lake in the neighbourhood of Vallasjauratjah is it enough for today. It is late afternoon and the body protest against the weight. We have now reached the flat land of Pårek. In front of us are the mountains of Pårte, closer than three hours earlier but they still look as distant as before. The mountains are mirrored in our lake. There is no wind, and the season for mosquitous is over.



Unna Tata

Campsite 1