A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day10: 27 August, Kuopervagge - Alkajaure, 14 km

Dark thick clouds cover the sky. One of our plans is to walk up on Lanjektjåkkå from Nasasvagge. It is said to be rather easy from that side. We hope for better weather and leave for walking up the slope into Nasasvagge. Halfway up to Nasasvagge is herd of reindeers. A large male study us unfriendly, lowering his head. Then he start to run towards us, with top speed. 200m, 100m, 50m, 20m, suddenly he change direction with 180 degrees and run back to where he came from. Satisfied having frightened us. We continue and follow the brook from the lake Nasasjaure up in the valley. It starts to rain, and the ground get closer to the clouds. A reindeer fence is blocking our way, but many hikers before us has partly destroyed it. We easily find a way over it prepared by others. We find the lake Nasasjaure, and follow the shore. Not much else visible.

Lunch. Warm soup. This is delicious. It is raining, so what to do next? Wait for better weather, and try Lanjektjåkkå tomorrow? Food supply, and the stony ground, decide for us.Continue! Nasasjaure disappear in the fog behind us.The downhill slope gives the correct direction to Mielätno. Within short are we below the clouds, and Mielätno meander in front of us. Beautiful, fog is something special, nature looks much softer and different, a beauty as well. Admire it, and eat some chocolate to get more energy. The rain increase in intensity. Walk on the moors, down to the bridge over Mielätno. On the other side is it flat, short grass cover the ground. We find the "emergency hut" in the osier at Alkajaure. A friendly person has left dead osier to dry in the hut. We soon have a warming  fire, we hang our wet things around it. It is good to be indoor in a weather like this, we can hear the rain knocking on the door. We do not let it in. (In November 2001 was the hut removed, it was in a bad shape).


Towards Mielätno