A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 21 August, Jeknavagge - Jeknavagge, 0 km

Rain, rain, and fog. All day. The other side of the lake is barely visible. The planned excursion is abandoned. We blame Kåtoktjåkkå for it. The mountain do not welcome us. We name it  after the swedish pronounciation (in english translation 'Horny and fat', of course not the proper translation). Kåtoktjåkkå is on the east side of the valley and is said to be rather easy to walk up on. In the west is Skaitetjåkkå (1933) more difficult. We stay most of the day in the tent, the rain pours down. We take a short walk along the lake, this is not a weather to be out in. Reading our books. Make soup, eat. Making up plans for tomorrow, hoping for better weather. We do not want to cross the mountain pass in clouds, neither to return and take another way.

We decide to reach Sarvesvagge through the mountain pass in Kaskavagge (1404), between Skaitetjåkkå and Unna Stuollo. On the map is this valley without a name, but on an older map is it called Kaskavagge.  When we looked at the mountain pass  yesterday evening did the slope look gentle with large snowfields. The time pass by slowly and the rain continue. The lake is described to be mediterranean blue, but not today. It is grey and looks very cold. We make a stone-excursion, trying to find as many types of lichens as possible. The sound of the raindrops falling on the canvas, makes us to fall asleep early.