A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 23 August, Sarvesvagge - Sarvesvagge, 10 km

During the night has a single reindeer, we have baptised it to 'Oncle Reindeer', made us company. He has several times stumbled on the strings supporting the tent. He must have got a cold, since he cough and sneeze. Today is it the most beautiful weather one can think of. A day for recreation and the plan is to make an excursion into Rapaselet. First we wash our used clothers and ourself in the jåkk, including the hair, it is really needed. We leave the clothes to dry in the sunshine, and start the excursion. To start with is it through a sparse birch forest. The brook Stuolajåkåtj from Piellarieppe is split into a delta, none of the arms carry much water this early in the morning.

The closer one get to Rapadalen, the worse the  vegetation is. Large osiers, several meters high, makes it difficult to get further. We give up, and ford a few channels, getting into Rapaselet. At a few places is it  like quicksand, my friend get too close and start to sink. He escape back to a safer place. No danger, but we do not dare to examine it more closely. Instead do a beautiful meadow invite us  to take a long break, which includes a late lunch . Nearby where we are is it possible to ford the Sarvesjåkkå and Rapariver when low water, we see a company of six persons slowly find their way. It is getting late in the afternoon, and we return to our  tent. The sun has made the snow up in Piellarieppe to melt, and Stuolajåkåtj is now less friendly but still no problems. Oncle Reindeer is patiently waiting for us. Alone as he is, does he like our company. Our clothes are dry.




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