A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day12: 29 August, Njåtjosvagge (Luottojåkkå) - Säkokjåkkå, 18 km

From the bridge is an almost visible, i.e. partly invisable, track through the vegetation, which consist of osier and small birches. If one miss the track then one has to fight or try to get above the tree level. At the Njåtjoshut (locked, and it was removed in November 2001 since it was in a bad shape) do we meet the second example of human beings during the trip. At the hut is the fording place of the joint brook of Skaitatj-jåkkå and Palkat-jåkkå. The same type of vegetation continue for a few kilometers. We try to gain some height before fording Ruopsokjåkkå, but not too much. One must avoid the steep canyon further up. It is better to cross it in the delta. We reach it fairly high up and get rather steep slopes down to it. The brook is deep, swift and cold.

Then the slope up to Säkok start, it is 600 meters uphill in a few kilometers. The reward is first the view north towards Njåtjosvagge. On Säkok is it stony and not much grow, but there are no problems in walking there. We get a bit lost, and end up at the edge of Säkok towards Njåtjosvagge instead as planned heading for the area around Tjeurajaure. Strange, is is good weather and not difficult to navigate. It is not a bad mistake. We continue on the slope towards Njåtjosvagge aiming for Säkokjåkkå. On the way are several meadows, covered with buttercups, and a view south down into Njåtjosvagge, at the horizon is Vallespiken. The tent is raised at Säkokjåkkå. It is better to wait for tomorrow morning before fording it, it carries much water and is fierce. It is easier in the morning when there is less water. A few reindeers visit us in the early morning, I look out from the tent watching them. It seems to become a beautiful day, there are no clouds on the sky.

North in Njåtjosvagge


Towards south

South from Säkok