A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day13: 30 August, Säkokjåkkå - Njakajåkkå (Kungsleden), 16 km

It is as expected much less water in the jåkk in the morning, and we can walk almost dry-shod to the other side of the brook. From now on is it downhill, and it feels good. The vegetation is mainly heath which makes it very comfortable to walk, but at Pårek, where the birch forest begin, is a moor. We find a track which we follow, else may it be a problem finding the way. The stones at the fording place of Pårekjaure have now their heads above the water, which makes it easy to jump between them.

We take a lunch break at the lake, and spend some time sunbathing and short bath. The weather is fantastic. We struggle through the marches, we do not find them as terrible as when walking in the opposite direction, but one should protect the ground in some way. It looks terrible with these black roads in the mud (In 1985 was there wooden planks on the track to protect it). Through the forest at Unna-Tata is it somewhat up and down. Resting at a stone are two other hikers on their way to Sarek, we ask them to take a photo of us. After two weeks is the inspiration approaching zero. Squelch through the swamp Tatajegge, before reaching Kungsleden. We find an open place in the forest at Njakajåkkå. Here we stay for the night.



Bathing place