A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day5: 22 August, Jeknavagge - Sarvesvagge, 9 km

Clouds cover the sky and the mountain peaks. But we can see the mountain pass in Kaskavagge between Skaitetjåkkå and Unna Stuollo. Good enough. We ford the jåkk from Jeknajaure close to the lake, the water is cold, but it is easy to cross. On the other side is it even more stony. We continue  up the slope towards Kaskavagge. A snowfield starts early,  which makes it easier to walk, else is it only stones. No vegetation. All of Jeknavagge is now visible behind us, the clouds hurry along the mountain sides. The lake is also today grey. The view  is nice. The height difference to the highest point is only 200 meters. The snow field continues all the way to the highest point. Here there is no snow, but instead is it packed with stones which make it rathet easy to walk here. At the highest point is Tielma on the other side of Sarvesvagge seen. After the highest point is another large snowfield. The white snow, the green Tielma, and the grey clouds, creates a fascinating scenery. (I have been told that in 2003 was this snow field not there, a consequence of the warmer climate?)

All the way to where Kaskavagge meet Kaskasvagge, which join from the left, can we walk on the snow. The jåkk in Kaskavagge is hidden under the snow, we can hear the sound of it. The sharply V-shaped valley down to Sarvesvagge is partly difficult. Better not to fall, at some places is there not much that prevents one from falling tens of meters down into the jåkk. It feels like that when looking down. The joining brook before Lulep Stuollo have cut deep into the rock, and the snowbridge across do not look very reliable. The bridge is only one meter thick, and a few meters wide. The brook three meter beneath is full with water. We hesitate for a moment, can not see any other easy way to cross. We pass without mishappenings. It is rather tiring and slow to walk on the steep slope. It is late afternoon when we reach the birch forest in Sarvesvagge.Along Sarvesjåkkå are many good places for a tent. We are hungry and tired, and hurry to make ourselves at home. An elk look suspicious at us, swims across Sarvesjåkkå and disappears on the other side. The jåkk sings cradle songs.

Up to Kaskavagge


Towards Sarvesvagge