A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 26 August, Alkavagge - Kuopervagge, 18 km

We start the day with walking on the south side of the valley. We are accompanied by a few showers. There is no problem to walk on this side, the brooks from the glaciers are easy to cross. The one from Akkajekna is crossed iin the delta. One quickly moves ahead. The mountains stand majestatic on the both sides of the valley. In the eastern part of the valley  is a large flat area with grass, many small brooks stroll through it, almost as a large football ground. We change side after Akkavagge, aiming for Kuopervagge. A violent shower attack us at the corner between the valleys. Afterwards do the sun smile at us, and we can have our lunch in sunshine.

One turn almost 180 degrees to get into Kuopervagge. There is no major problem in Kuopervagge. Use the north side of the valley if you are going towards Akka, else may Låutakjåkkå give problem. We stay on the south side.At the highest point is the water from the glacier Vattendelarglaciären floating both east and west, creating an area with many rills, there is not much water in them and we can walk in the middle of it. At a few places are stony areas but one can not say that it makes it difficult to walk, we enjoy the day. Kuoper (1686) can look down at us from an almost clear sky. The day end close to Nasasvagge, the turning point of our tour.


Towards Kuopervagge