A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 24 August, East Sarvesvagge - West Sarvesvagge, 12 km

Oncle reindeer meet some other friends, and swim across Sarvesjåkkå together with them. Waving goodbye, and he and his new friends disappear in the dense vegetation. We start in good weather, walking west in Sarvesvagge. The birch forest disappear behind us, it is replaced with zigzaging through areas with small osiers. At the same time are we looking for a good place to ford Sarvesjåkkå. A good  place, we have no hurry. It is rather difficult in the east part towards Rapavalley. It can wait for tomorrow. The brooks joining Sarvesjåkkå are easy to cross. The ones from Kaskasvagge and Lullihavagge/Nåitevagge do we ford in their delta. Further up can they be more problematic. We continue along the shore of the jåkk, or is using reindeertracks as much as possible.

The osiers give up, dwarf birch and grass takes over the ground. This is more comfortable, and we can speed up. It is five in the afternoon. We have made it into a habit to start looking for a camping site at this time. Then one is almost sure to find a good place, before one is getting too tired and hungry. This part of Sarvesvagge offers many good places. We find a place close to where the brook from Luottojaure enter Sarvesjåkkå. In addition do the mountains in the evening dress up for the night with dark clouds, threatening us with rain. The threat becomes soon true, but then we are since long safe in the tent. We are not far from Neitarieppvagge, our shortcut to Alkavagge. Sarvesjåkkå looks more good-natured up here, it will probably not be any problem to cross it near the watershed. The U-shaped Neitarieppvagge is waiting for us.


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