A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day11: 28 August, Alkajaure - Njåtjosvagge (Luottojåkkå), 21 km

It is still warm in the hut from the now dead fire, or can it be the sun? It is the sun! We clean ourselves and our clothes thouroghly in the lake, and put the wet things on the  roof of the hut to let it dry. It dries quickly in the sunshine. We collect some dead osier, and put it in the hut for the next visitors. The day start along the west side of Alep Sarvesjåkkå, soon passing the small brook Rissajåkkå. At Tjågnåriskaite do we take the direction towards Njåtjosvagge. It is sligth uphill when we walk along Tjågnårisjåkkå, which is almost empty of water, walking on grassy  meadow at the two lakes Tjågnårisjauratj and Skiejakjauratj, before reaching the northern part of the V-shaped Njåtjosvagge with the blue-green lakes. A magnificient view of the valley show up.

This valley is together with upper Rapavalley the most beautiful valley in Sarek. The east side do not give any problems, though there are some stony areas. On the west side is it steeper and looks more stony. We walk along the east shores of the lakes Alep, Kaska, and finally Lulep Njåtjosjaure. Tsatsa looks like a pyramid formed chocalate cake, dark and with creamlike snow strips down towards the lake. After the lakes do the valley open up, and there is a rather high water fall when the jåkk falls down. We decide to follow the river. This is a bad decision, it is wet and with a somewhat irritating vegetation of mainly low osier. It is probably better to walk further up on the slope (done 1990). The sun prepares for the night behind a quilt down. We do the same at the bridge over the fierce  Luottojåkkå (the bridge was gone 1990), where put our tent.



Northern Njåtjosvagge

Sotuhern Njåtjosvagge