A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 20 August, Ivarlako - Jeknavagge, 11 km

The body aches. It is not used to the weight of the backpacking. Especially not my right knee. It hurts, and will do for the rest of the tour. We have a lazy morning, before we aim for the bridge across Kåtokjåkkå. It is easy to walk here though one must cross a few small marshes, and soon do we see the jåkk in front of us. It has during the years cut itself deep into the rock. It would be very difficult to get across without the bridge. Then one would have to get up on the glacier Pårtejekna or down in the delta. The bridge has been destroyed several times by the spring flood. We were here 1985 as well, then the bridge was gone. If you plan to use the bridge, ask at the mountain station if it exists. No special equipment is needed to pass on the glacier tongue, no cracks, and it is flat. But it is a detour. The general advice is not to try to ford Kåtokjåkkå. At low water may it be possible to ford it at a few places between the glacier and Jeknavagge, or in Rapadalen. Deadly accidents have happened.

After the lunch at the bridge, do we walk along the jåkk towards Jeknavagge, the alpine valley inbetween Kåtoktjåkkå and Skaitetjåkkå. Abandon the jåkk and continue into Jeknavagge along the brook that comes from the valley. We plan to visit Kåtoktjåkkå, and then somehow continue to Sarvesvagge.  We meet a family who have come from Sarvesvagge walking in the Rapavalley, they had difficulties in getting through the dense vegetation. The other and easiest alternative is Lullihavagge further west. We have already decided to use one of the mountain pass from Jeknavagge. While approaching higher altitudes is the vegetation getting sparse. The valley is rather stony, camping grounds are rare. At the lake, Jeknajaure (1191), is it difficult to find a good camping ground. We find after some searching a perfect place at the east side of the lake. It has been cloudy during the day, now it clears up. Looks promising for the excursion up to Kåtoktjåkkå (1928) tomorrow. The mountains around the lake is looking friendly at us.



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