A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 25 August, West Sarvesvagge - Alkavagge, 12 km

We follow Sarvesjåkkå, cross the brook from the glacier Nuortap Luottojekna on Ryggåsberget. We wait to ford Sarvesjåkkå until it is time to enter Neitarieppvagge.  We are not far from the watershed of Sarvesvagge, and there is here not much water in the jåkk. We choose the west side of the Neitarieppvalley. The height difference up to the highest point in Neitarieppvagge is almost 400m. Halfway up is a large snowfield. Looking back is the plateau Luottolako clearly seen. The clouds are high up, and some of the peaks at Pårte build up the horizon. Further up is the snow field replaced by large stones, without any obvious reason to be here, far away from the mountain slopes. The stones have been placed here by the many avalanches during many centureis. One has to jump between them. My friend slip on the wet stones, and disappear somewhere inbetween two large stones. My first thought is that he has broken everything. But the rucksack is a good shock absorber.

We realise that west side was a bad choise and switch to the east side of the valley where the sun has better access, the vegetation on the ground benefits from it. The best choise is probably to walk high up on the east side from the beginning. After passing the highest point, 1180m, is it rather flat. It would possible to put up the tent here. Today do the sun not show up very much, except temporarily when we start the descend the 400m down to Alkavagge. From here one see Lanjektjåkkå in the north, in the west do the view of Alkajaure and the delta of Alkajåkkå show up. It is worth spending a long break sitting looking at it. We turn east and descend on the slope down to Alkavagge for a few kilometers. Here we do not encounter any stony areas. On the contrary. No problem to find a camping site down in Alkavagge. We choose one near Alkajåkkå, there is some osier but not of any significance.

Towards Luottolako


Towards Alkavagge