A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 19 August, Vallasjauratjah - Ivarlako, 12 km

We wake up in sunshine. We have now left the birch forest. On the way to Pårekjaure are several mires, with deep brooks.  Due to the many visitors is the track a broad road of black mud at these places. It makes it difficult to keep the route (here is  now a prepared track, and is no longer any problem). At one place do I get to far into the middle of such a road, I sink down in the mud and have problems in getting back to a safer place. I resque with some effort one of my boots.  The nice weather invites to a bath in Pårekjaure. The fording place at Pårekjaure consists of flat stones laid out in the water. One is again in a birch forest. After a kilometer do one arrive at the lapp cots of Pårek, the former lapp summer "village". These are not seemed to be used any longer. Here we have our lunch. My friend has got a hole in his trousers, while he repair them do I enjoy the sunshine.

From here is it easy to walk up on Pårte (2005), a nice gentle slope. On the way up do one pass an observatory, which is locked. We do not do this, but we continue in the direction towards Stuor-Jerta. First we walk along the brook Kaskakårsåjåkåtj, enough far up to avoid the large area with osier. Then we keep the height towards Stuor-Jerta.  On the way are a few minor places with osier, and it is rather stony. We pass a few small brooks, none of them is problematic. After a few hours are we on the flat land Ivarlako. Not really flat, it is up and down in what looks like dry river beds. Further on are marshes scattered through the landscape. A clear sky, it is getting colder when the afternoon is replaced by the evening . Time to put up the tent. We sit outside looking at the sunset and eat our dinner. The warm sleeping bag feels good.